8 lessons learned from a 3-dimensional framework for understanding how to turn your open-source project into the next WordPress or Linux.

“Open Source projects exhibit natural increasing returns to scale. That’s because most developers are interested in using and participating in the largest projects, and the projects with the most developers are more likely to quickly fix bugs, add features and work reliably across the largest number of platforms. …

14 thoughts on the economics of the open-source data space and how to become the next MongoDB or Databricks

The data space is booming, with companies like mongoDB (valued at 18 billion USD), databricks (30 billion), or Confluent, and many others. The startup space is overflowing with money and lots of founders want a share of the pie.

But in my opinion, the data space is set up to…

Sven Balnojan

Ph.D., Product Manager, DevOps & Data enthusiast, and author of “Three Data Point Thursday” & http://datacisions.com

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