Update Your Software Development Productivity With The ./get-up-to-date Script

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Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash. Let’s update our productivity instead of updating our software packages again and again…

“Ever thought of updating yourself instead of updating your mobile” — Yash Gupta

The ./go Script

The ./go script is a concept I learned from the technology consultancy ThoughtWorks. As Peter Hodgson puts it…

A Simple ./get-up-to-date Script

The beauty of the ./get-up-to-date script is that you can update anything you want. Including the ./go script. If you for instance chose to include a Makefile as a ./go script in every repository with some standard commands like a “help” command, you could have a ./get-up-to-date script that:

  1. Runs the main function of the get-up-to-date.sh file
  2. Which in turn can run a bunch of update functions like….
  3. Compare the currents repository Makefile to the central Makefile and add the new “help” function + whatever helpers you might find useful.

More Possible Examples

Say you decided to build your ./go script around make. That’s a smart tool choice since it modularises parts of the ./go script.

Staying Up To Date With ./get-up-to-date Scripts

./go scripts add your teams’ “tribal knowledge” to every repository. ./get-up-to-date scripts make that tribal knowledge up to date. And by modularising that update process you will be able to quickly change your best practices, get everything up to date, and increase your team's productivity. It’s a simple tool to enable fast technology switches which I think are essential in today's fast pacing world of technology.

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Ph.D., Product Manager, DevOps & Data enthusiast, and author of “Three Data Point Thursday”: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/svenbalnojan.

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